astropy_helpers.git_helpers.get_git_devstr(sha=False, show_warning=True, path=None)

Determines the number of revisions in this repository.

sha : bool

If True, the full SHA1 hash will be returned. Otherwise, the total count of commits in the repository will be used as a “revision number”.

show_warning : bool

If True, issue a warning if git returns an error code, otherwise errors pass silently.

path : str or None

If a string, specifies the directory to look in to find the git repository. If None, the current working directory is used, and must be the root of the git repository. If given a filename it uses the directory containing that file.

devversion : str

Either a string with the revision number (if sha is False), the SHA1 hash of the current commit (if sha is True), or an empty string if git version info could not be identified.